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Study: Watching “RuPaul: Drag Race” Likely to Make You Turn Off Television Forever

Posted: February 1st, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Uncategorized | No Comments »

CAMBRIDGE, page Massachusetts – Recently, stuff a study at the Howard Kreissler Institute of Television Studies observed that a majority of people who watch RuPaul: Drag Race are most likely to switch off their television for the rest of their lives, often leaving subjects either exasperated or shocked by what they had just seen.

“Most of the respondents had very negative views of the show and the television in general,”  said Dr. Ronald Bowen, head researcher of the study. “Respondents were viewed through a camera in the examination room and what came out after watching the RuPaul’s show was one of anger as many tried to burn the image of a bald man tucking his penis between his legs out of their heads.”

Of the eighty people subjected to the research, an overwhelming68% responded by switching off the television and then, throwing it off the research facility into the parking lot below. Surprisingly, a shocking 24% of respondents showed signs of arousal as the streaming of the show began.

“It’s strange sometimes,” added Bowen. “We were not expecting the results but when respondents came out the response chamber smelling of sweat, semen and shame, it intrigued us as to what extent that RuPaul can be used as a military application.”

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