Egypt protest escalates to new heights as protesters demand Mubarak step down while wearing a beautiful satin prom dress. ¤ Roaming panda terrorizes community into mass cuddle of cuteness. ¤ Apple announces the creation of a new MacBook called "Pen and Notebook". ¤ Peruvian flute more annoying than bagpipes during funerals, study shown. ¤ P. Diddy announces that the "P" in his moniker is not "pimp" but "parent". ¤ Dreams are made from bovine spongiform, experts confirm. ¤ "Sometimes, dead men do sing better in a barber shop quartet," said Kanye West to a few angry white people. ¤ Santa to deliver gift to Morocco for the first time in 35 years after Elven Made Toys Embargo ended. ¤ San Diego Chargers win award for "Best Baseball Team in Their Heads". ¤ Michael Bay to create movie about rock climbing, explosions that will cause his imminent death. ¤ Bangladesh annual monsoon rains to electrocuted textile workers. ¤ While Tron smashes the holiday box office, Tron Guy's testicles smashes atoms.

Aya Hirano PC (Not Mac) Ads

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Comrade Aya-chan aka Haruhi-chan Supports Free Computers

Comrade Aya Hirano aka Haruhi-chan Supports Malaysian Civil Servant Fight for Free Computers



Get your dream computer through payslip deductions

Aya-chan sez: Approval within a day

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Tetris: A Metaphor for Nation Building

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Tetris Menu


You keep putting blocks and blocks until everything falls down. That sounds like government. – Me

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Welcome to Baka-TV.com

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Welcome and my name is Haru Nabeda aka Norman Wanman, visit the site administrator.

In the coming weeks and months, allergy I will be working on some improvement on this site. For instance, information pills I will take upon my solemn duty to partially complete a Wiki about my project Aranea. Also, your eyes will be gouged when I start posting my god-awful stories. There will be news here once in a while and some webcomics that I might upload once I can get a scanner running.

For now, don’t expect much. I am not Superman.