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Welcome and my name is Haru Nabeda aka Norman Wanman, visit the site administrator.

In the coming weeks and months, allergy I will be working on some improvement on this site. For instance, information pills I will take upon my solemn duty to partially complete a Wiki about my project Aranea. Also, your eyes will be gouged when I start posting my god-awful stories. There will be news here once in a while and some webcomics that I might upload once I can get a scanner running.

For now, don’t expect much. I am not Superman.
Baka-TV is a website that features non-stop stupidity in a non-stupid way, visit this site
if possible. We try to be funny for your sake of entertainment.

Baka-TV provides:

  • a list of song parodies previously made by site owner
  • technosociological theories about online games which make no sense
  • game reviews
  • Japanese shows of either extreme cuteness or potential lawsuit due to dangerous stunts
  • stupid videos (or really messed up ones)

Baka-TV will also feature in the near future webcomics and a yearly streaming show that features the site owner going through a “batsu” game, similar to the ones in Japan.