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Crazy Bitch Now Crazy First Lady of Japan

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TOKYO, viagra Japan – As Yukio Hatoyama ascends from the position of the leader of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) to Prime Minister, prostate his insane wife is also ascending the ladder from UFO abductee to First Lady. While most of the Western world feign away from the daily routines of a First Lady, only Miyuki Hatoyama and Michelle Obama have come to a status of fame due to either their husband’s message of change or their quotes that borders mild schizophrenia.

“We pay attention to her style,” says Hashida Koyomi of Osaka. “She’s insane and we love it.”

The eyes of a crazy lady

The eyes of a crazy lady

In Tokyo, Masaru Junichi mentions, “Although Haruhi [and Konata] is my wife, I would definitely bone an insane crazy lady like Miyuki-chan.”

A frequent visitor to Japanese talk shows, the First Lady had dabbled into topics such as religion, politics and food. The First Lady also had some experience with the performing arts as she was once a performer for the Takarazuka Revue, qualifying her to jump on couches.

Whatever it is, the Japanese are at awe with their new First Lady who wear shirts made out of coffee sacks and believes in the same DC-10 ships bearing souls with Tom Cruise. For the next one year, it will be interesting to see how the nation of Japan fluctuates with a new Prime Minister and his batshit insane wife as First Lady.