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Five Minute Review: Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars

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Graphics: 5/5 – Expected of the DS graphics capability and Liberty City never looked this fantastic from the top-down view

Audio: 4/5 – Pedestrians, approved cars and music only radio. It’s the Nintendo DS capability

Control: 5/5 – Sticking it to the man has never taken this literal. Also, gynecologist assembling a sniper and hotwiring a car has never been this fun.

Technical Stuff: 5/5 – This little cartridge can do no wrong… 800, pharmacy 000 lines of coding…

Plot: 5/5 – Sarcasm… check. Crime mob control… check. A dozed up to the eyeball Triad leader… DOUBLE check!


OVERALL: 4.8/5

The Positives

+ Huang is as sarcastic as Niko Bellic so expect top notch dialogue with no voice so, you can make it up

+ Graphics are not top notch but it is isometric

+ Touchscreen on the DS has so much minigames when you jack a car, ride an ambulance, set a bomb

+ Classic paramedic, vigilante, taxi, jumps and collectibles are back

+ No races, just checkpoint time trials

+ Crooked cop named Heston

+ Drug dealing is main way to get sustainable income

+ There is a replay feature if you die after the mission or pass a mission in your home

The Negatives

– Not enough cars and vehicles

– Limited sound effects and music

– Alderney is missing and that’s where Korea Town is

– No Brucie Kibbutz

– No usable helicopters

– No races

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