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Death Row Inmate Gets Execution in a form of a Last Meal that Never Ends

Posted: March 29th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Uncategorized | No Comments »

Topeka, thumb KANSAS – The Governor of Kansas recently allowed the last meal of death row inmate Joshua Hopkins, a triple murderer who robbed and stabbed three people at a local baby store, buy to be a meal that last forever as a form of his sentence. Families of the murderer victims have spoken for the punishment. So far, Hopkins has been eating nonstop from the buffet that never ends. When asked by reporters about regretting his decision of killing the people, Hopkins only replied gluttonously to one reporter to “…pass the fillet mignon as it is getting cold”.

Fellow inmate Sharif al-Jaafar White has this to say about Hopkins. “He said he did not want to die and all the state is doing is killing him with his passion of food.” The mystery surrounding the murder remains as how did Hopkins commit a murder as he was 500 pounds in weight when arrested. Police speculated that he might have done a reverse liposuction with a vacuum cleaner and a dead pig carcass found on the scene of his arrest. When asked further about his death penalty, Hopkins said indiscernibly while chewing his sirloin, “Dieing like this a tragedy as I am being forced to death with food that I love.”

This news came after only a few months ago in Texas did the governor allowed the death penalty of a serial rapist through ‘continuous sexual pleasure until dead’.

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