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IKEA Unveils New “DIY” Car Model

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Delft, discount rx HOLLAND – IKEA recently unveiled in its Spring catalogue the world’s first DIY car. Encouraging customers to buy the piece by piece car in a slump economy, about it many critics hailed the idea presented by IKEA. One customer from Detroit, viagra 100mg Michigan said that, “…it encourages me to get my hands dirty before throwing the uncompleted car into the ground, smashing it due to sheer frustration.” The IKEA car or the i-Kar has so far attracted many customers who feel it is time to bring down automakers with some DIY work.

However, there have been complaints about the i-Kar. For example, many complain about the difficult assembly of unmatched car parts and the hard to read instruction guide written entirely in Hindi and Swedish. Also, one consumer commented the car “being a cabinet”. IKEA spokesman, Hans Garbo, said that, “[The i-Kar] is left to the imagination of the consumer and it is up to them to figure it out whether they want to incorporate a table into the i-Kar.” Accessories for the i-Kar has been planned for a release in 2009 winter which includes vinyl seats, children safety features and some Swedish furniture that looks like a toilet but it is not.

This comes as a shock to most consumers as IKEA recently lauched DIY country kit that consists of flag, parliament house and 2 billion dollars to pay investment firms to stay afloat.

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