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Crazy Hong Kong Lady Misses Flight

Posted: February 28th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Asian News | No Comments »
She chillxes in the middle of her hysteria.

She chillaxes in the middle of her hysteria.

This lady is the epitome of psycho when it comes to missing a flight. Living in that metropolitan hell (Hong Kong), discount you’d figure that the airport was different because it is technically “international zone of neutrality”. Nope, the airport has no time for your BS. I mean, in the United States, security checks was tough and you know you had to get there early because of the multitude of checkpoints. And this lady proved that she was just a snob when it came to airports. This should never be the case. Be punctual or you miss your flight. Period.

Cathay gave this lady a seat on another flight to her destination. Pfft… I do not know why they even entertained people like her. I blame her for her own misfortunes. She missed a flight. There was no backstory. Some say it was a funeral. Whatever it is, the airline companies does not care whether you had a leaking gas pipe or that cat was not fed enough, they’d just fly off without you.

Enough ranting. Here is the video:

Hong Kong Lady’s Freakout for Missing Flight at HKIA [Poorly Subbed]

And as an added bonus, here’s another video featuring Hong Kong’s “dynamic” people. It’s the infamous Hong Kong Bus Uncle. A classic viral hit in 2006. Be warned, there is swearing.

Hong Kong Bus Uncle [Really Poorly Subbed]

Seriously, I am not blasting Hong Kong but seriously, with people like this and what Anthony Bourdain had gone through (check out the Hong Kong episode), I think I will not go there again. I’ve been there and the people there are like that. It pains me to say that but it’s true.

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