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Aya Hirano PC (Not Mac) Ads

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Comrade Aya-chan aka Haruhi-chan Supports Free Computers

Comrade Aya Hirano aka Haruhi-chan Supports Malaysian Civil Servant Fight for Free Computers



Get your dream computer through payslip deductions

Aya-chan sez: Approval within a day

Seiyuu Aya Hirano was once part of a wild chase in Malaysia late last year when she was down here doing some shoots. Crazed fan and posse did triangulation and all sorts of magic tricks to track down their queen in order to kidnap her and force her into marriage. Alas, price they failed.

Here is a photo from her visit to Malaysia:


Notice the similarities between the ad and this pic. Now, viagra I cannot fathom the Malaysian government using supa-seiyuu Aya Hirano to sell their shitty PCs (get a Mac or Ubuntu-cize, cheap Malaysia) but, this is a lollercoaster for me. This is not the first time a Japanese person or character “approving” of an action by a government not their own.

Take a look at what Indonesia has done with the PKS, Parti Keadilan Sejahtera (Prosperous Justice Party):

Naruto Endorses Honorable (Drh.) Nonot Suhartono for... umm... nanekore?

Naruto Endorses Honorable (Drh.) Nonot Suhartono for... umm... nanekore?

Aren’t we South East Asians the silliest people? Maybe we should make an anime about ourselves and how we do not respect copyright…


Sankaku Complex – WARNING: Adult and Nudity ahead; YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

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